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Adaptive social fitness – in all its abstractness

The above title can be re-framed as: How to always be working on the hottest themes throughout your life? 

stay hot

Warning: this is an exercise in trying to convey a seemingly abstract concept in completely abstract terms.

I happened to be in a meeting recently where panelists with a variety of backgrounds were discussing a red hot emerging theme – across the spectrum: from research until creating markets that don’t currently exist.

The speakers were eloquent and most of the audience seemed to have gotten some take-home message – true mark of a nice event.

I am well versed in that ‘hot topic’ across the spectrum mentioned above. But the speakers used examples mostly of technologies/sub-fields that are already being actively pursued using other names. Thus despite knowing enough reason from research to innovation to business case for this ‘hot field’ I asked the speakers: ‘all the efforts you talked about are already being pursued – so what differentiates this hot topic’. Not sure if I caught the speakers on their bad day or they had not thought about it that way; only one of them attempted and that was no convincing answer.

  1. Later that evening I met one of the attendees of that event who walked up to me and said “I was thinking that I have been working on one of the existing fields that you asked about. Now I know I can say that I am working on this red hot field“.
  2. One of the panelists in the event made a statement (paraphrased) “adaptability to environment is what determines success and happiness more than genetics” (at least in the context he made that statement).

If you take the above two statements and observe the world, lot of people known and unknown, with clout and without, keep throwing various new words into the society and some catches (or crudely, some sticks to the wall). Success of most people relies on adaptability in terms of re-positioning themselves with these new hot themes that jive with the society and are rising, and re-position what they do to fit with that – ‘Adaptive Social Fitness’.

That way you will always be working on the hottest themes through your life.

Share what you think in the comment section. Or if you or one those who do not like to share your thoughts, or one trying to find your place in a ‘hot field’ try using this approach.