Suresh Gopalan, Ph.D

I am the CEO & Founder of ReSurfX, Inc.

I am an entrepreneur, inventor and business strategist with overarching life goal of ‘Building an Efficient and Healthy World’ educated as a mechanical engineer and biotechnologist (PhD). Transcending my deep and wide exposures across sectors,  disciplines  and experiences – my capitalistic pursuit is focused on better data-based decisions  (‘outcomes intelligence’) in Pharma and Healthcare. Check out our company, to know more. My other passion, where I invest significant energy besides work, is promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in a number of ways and roles. My LinkedIn profile is a good start to understand my background, interests, accomplishments and what drives me.

I have three decades of experience, expertise and leadership developing and utilizing variety of biological systems, technologies and other computational improvements. I invented the Adaptive Technology (AHT) framework that ReSurfX leverages. My expertise includes conceptualizing complex phenomena combining knowledge from many disciplines innovatively, developing practical, scalable solutions and strategic alignment to data and technology intensive enterprises and business strategy. Besides my role at ReSurfX, I actively promote innovation and entrepreneurship in a number of ways including as mentor, judge and committee member of well-known organizations, and write perspectives on underexplored themes in emerging science, technology and policy to improve societal impact at Hi-Brow Perspectives: Alternative perspectives on emerging themes.

I started my career with experiences in different engineering industries and my first publication as an undergraduate was on computational improvement related to aircraft wing design. Motivated by a genetics teacher, I subsequently spent over two decades with R&D activities in biotechnology. Through my career I took innovative approaches to solve difficult problems and achieved consistent success that lead to pioneering contributions that include creatively combining bioprocess technology and biology; contributions seminal to the field of host-pathogen interactions; and improving tools and technologies.

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Alternative perspectives on emerging themes

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